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Our Stepper Motor Controllers are low cost, high performance bi-polar chopper stepper driver/controller modules employing state of the art design and construction methods. They are powerful enough to handle the most critical applications, yet the Stepper Motor Controllers are extremely small and require little effort to interface and operate. System efficiency and high speed performance can now be improved through the use of low inductance stepper motors in conjunction with our Stepper Motor Controller. Older drivers/controllers, that required higher chopping rates, often cause the motors to operate at a higher temperature. Our Stepper Motor Controllers utilize circuits that minimize ripple current, yet maintain a 20 kHz chopping rate, thereby reducing or eliminating the problem.

We offer 2 different stepper controllers to fit your motion control needs:

OUR PREMIUM STEPPER CONTROLLER USES state of the art design and construction for use with High Performance Low inductance motors. It chops at 20 kHz and can be set to full step or half step with up to 10 kHz step clock rate. 32 user selectable current settings, over temperature protection and automatic current reduction makes this unit perfect for any application. It puts out 3.5 amps RMS per phase. It also features Opto Isolated Inputs and is available with input voltage up to 35 volts.. It can step up to 400 steps per revolution using 1.8 degree stepper motors or up to 800 steps per revolution using 0.9 degree stepper motors giving ultimate control in positioning. The pcb board is mounted to an aluminum heatsink making for good heat dissapation and easy mounting.The overall size is 4.5"W x 2"H x 3.5"D. Dip switches make it easy to switch from half step to full step and change amperage settings without resetting the driver, just move the dip switch! Easy to hook up with the included plug-in wire connector, simply hook up 5volts and 12volts to your power supply. Then plug in the step, enable and direction pins from your controller and plug in your wires from your stepper motor. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!




OUR ECONO-STEPPER CONTROLLER HAS all of the same characteristics as the premium stepper controller but is limited to 1.2 amp RMS per phase and has no onboard dip switches. No heat sink is necessary for this model because of the limited amperage output but This small and powerful controller can even run 34 and 42 frame stepper motors.

OUR LPT STEPPER INTERFACE HAS everything that you need.The LPT Stepper Interface is a low cost PCB that provides the interface between your PC and Stepper Controllers/Drivers. It's provides a cost effective solution, to a simple enough design, but this way it looks nice and is more reliable. The outputs are 350mA open collector, with diodes to clamp them at the PC's +12VDC. +12VDC is provided via a 5-1/4" disk dirve power connector. A capacitor and tranzorb are added on the PC's +12VDC to clamp any voltage spikes from entering the PC. The LPT Stepper Interface was designed for use with our Stepper Controllers/Drivers. It provides a direct connection to the control inputs of our Stepper Controllers. There are four axis outputs, as well as four inputs for sensing home or max travel. The inputs can be used with our LED Opto Beam Sensors, to provide an optical optically isolated input indication. This board can be use with your own software or existing automation software such as Yeager Automation. or MAXNC






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