System Features:
Pentium 4 motherboard
Onboard video, audio, usb 2.0,
line out, and microphone
400 watt Pentium 4 power supply
Optional audio amplifier
hard drives up to 300 gigabytes
DDR ram support up to 4 gigabytes
Compact Flash technology option

Firestorm Rear View
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Firestorm Front View
Computer systems
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Serial IO Board






Rackmount version coming soon!
Case available separately!

Mechanical Features:
16 gauge steel construction
TIG welded seams on case and top
Power LED
High security Power switch and reset switch
Even flow cooling intake moves air across boards before exiting power supply
Hard drive and optional audio amplifier bracket with risers
Compact Flash card board mounting
Durable black textured finish
Small Footprint is only 16"wide, 10"deep, 4"high
Rear hole for optional audio amplifier out plugs or scan converter s-video out option
Custom colors available for additional charge


Perfect for DNS servers, IP routers, Hardware Firewalls and Application Servers. The Firestorm System has optional compact flash technology for mission critical applications. No more crashed hard drives and lost data. Using onboard video and audio means there are no edge cards in the system making it 100% solid state system when using the compact flash option. Ultimate dependability for mission critical applications.There are no required drivers or support software required for Compact Flash option. Compact Flash cards are available up to 2 gigabytes. Embedded Windows XP/unix/linux or DOS can be loaded onto the compact flash card for Fast boot and application time.

Small hideway dimensions make it a great solution for NAS, (Network Access Storage). Do you need a disaster recovery system backup that you can place anywhere, This is the answer you've been looking for. Just hook up the lan to your existing network,Plug the power cord in,Set your network settings and your ready to go. Data backup is the first most important step in any disaster recovery solution. Having peace of mind when it comes to critical data is what it's all about.

Do you have a company where the employees are loading programs on company systems that they should not be? These standalone systems have no floppy drive or cd drive for them to load anything. Install the systems on your network so only the IT person has access to loading new programs. The Viewsonic Viewpanel is a great way to have wireless access to these systems. Manufacturing can benefit from having these tough computers in the production area by installing them underneath the workstations and having only a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and monitor uptop. For the ultimate workstations touchscreen monitors are used eliminating the need for a mouse and keyboard.

Arcade games are being built on PC based computers instead of old JAMA technology. Running a Firestorm system based on compact flash technology and usb joystick and controls with serial interface means no more downtime, just playtime.

Used by police for covert video recording, you can hook up a usb camera with movement sensor for recording in high security environments. It can also be used with wireless handheld 2.4 gigahertz lcd screens.

MP3 technology is at the forefront of music systems today. Download and use your MP3's for the ultimate touchscreen DJ system or portable Kareoke system.

Available with stainless steel screws and aluminum standoffs, this system has been used for gps and navigational controls
for marine craft. Do you need a seaworthy, dependable system for entertainment aboard your boat? Many software packages are available for your particular needs.

We sell configured systems that are DOS based with mpeg video capability. Museums and educational facilities benefit from an automatic mpeg player system that runs from compact flash.. Simply load the mpeg video onto the compact flash card that holds the DOS, mpeg player and your movie. When you turn the computer on it loads the mpeg player by itself with now action needed by you. The ultimate in simplicity.

3D Studio max and Maya render farms are easily set up using the firestorm systems. Stack them anywhere and take them with you to the next rendering project.

What can you make and sell with a Firestorm System?


The RS-232 Serial IO board provides an interface between a computer, or device with an RS-232 serial port, and real world devices. The devices could be motors, lamps, solenoids, switches, sensors, etc... It can be used in broad range of applications.

For industrial automation, the RS-232 Serial IO board could be used to detect the presence of an obect using a sensor, then turn on an output to punch/drill/manipulate the object. A second sensor could be used to detect if the procedure was performed properly

The watchdog feature of the RS-232 Serial IO board can be used to reset a computer or controller when it locks up or stops responding. Serial watchdog commands are continuously sent, within five seconds of on another, to the RS-232 Serial IO board. When a serial watchdog command has not been received for five seconds, output #10 goes to ground. Tying this output to the host computer/device reset switch or signal, causes the host device computer to reset. This feature is not activated until the first serial watchdog command has been received. This allows the host computer/device to boot/start operation before the watchdog timer starts. This is a great feature if you have a computer at a remote location, and need to have it monitored. If it stops responding, the RS-232 Serial IO board resets it. No human intervention required!

For the hobbiest, the RS-232 Serial IO board can be used to watch sensors and control motors on a robot. It provides a real world interface from your computer to motion/interactive devices. You could use the outputs to control relays, and turn the lights on and off in your room.

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