Our versatile self enclosed sound systems can put music, messages or sound effects where and when you want them.
Using compact flash card technology means no degredation of sound files like on tapes or cd players for ultimate dependability and ease of installing and modifiying sounds. The size of the sound files that can be used is only limited by the size of compact flash card installed in the system. You can have multiple cards with different messages on them. For the holidays simply change the card, or for customer specials at different times simply change the card. The uses are unlimited.

These standalone systems means you don't need a computer making a cost effective, dependable solution. They can also be
installed into your cabinets/machines to hide the system from view.

We offer metal enclosures that have an amplifier and speakers with pushbuttons to play your messages. Also available
are systems that play background music until a button is pressed or a motion detector is triggered. You can also wire the
audio outputs to your amplification and speaker system, great for schools and corporations to play pre-recorded messages whenever
you press a button.

They can be configured with up to 24 buttons and optional output are available to turn on or trigger outside events.
When used on interactive display, the system can watch for switch(s) to be pressed, play a corresponding audio file, and trigger individual outputs for controlling lamps, routing the played audio to different speakers(locations), etc.

Perfect for multiple languages, we can program the units to play the same message in different languages when different buttons are pressed from your audio source files. Great for conventions and automated multilanguage information centers. Phone systems
can benefit from our systems using them as message on hold devices. Play your recorded messages or sales and marketing
messages while your customers are on hold in any language. Note: your phone system must have a message on hold audio inputs
for the message on hold system.

Applications also include kiddie rides and arcade games. We can configure the system to be wired to coin mechs and/or dollar
bill acceptors. When you insert money, it will turn on the machine for the amount of time that you would like while playing an
audio file.

With our in-house audio editing and extensive sound and music collection we can program our audio sources or you can send us yours
to make compatable and install into the system. We can use almost any audio format you send us and convert it to system acceptable parameters. Need a chevy engine sound, cheering crowd sound or an old man snoring sound, we probably have it.

Please look at our Sound Editing page, (link on home page), for more information on how we can help you with your sound editing needs..
























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