AMOA SHOW September 2004 Everybody had lots of fun at the show in Las Vegas. We took 3 employees to the show. Dave Ellison , Carolee and Victor.. We had 4 game companies ask us to R & D games for them, sold many Profit-Pods and were happy with the response for having Incredible Technology incorporate our Profit-Pod software into their Silent Partner. Premier Data Software has also incorporated our system into their software for seamless integration.There were many Premier Data Software customers at the show who were interested in the Profit-Pod integration. We were engaged by many companies to develope new technologies for them and by a few companies to manufacture for them. Unfortunately because of the hurricanes we could not show the GlobalVR game that is almost complete. Incredible Technologies has entered into negotiations with us to incorporate Profit-Pod technology into every game they manufacture. All in all it was a phoenominal show.

ASI SHOW March 2004 Dave Ellison and Victor Lavalle attended the booths at this show in vegas. We showed alot of new technology like the RGDS ,(Rapid Game Developement System) and the Twin Ring racing that we designed for Cadillac Jack. Profit-Pod was incorporated by many route managers and FEC managers. Blackjack was good and we ate too much. (one of the pitfalls of having shows in vegas). and yes thats a computer fishtank that we use at the shows to demonstrate our Compact Flash to IDE Adapters but everybody wanted to buy the fishtank computer we started selling it also.



































IAAPA SHOW November 2003



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